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San Diego’s pizza scene poses a challenge for any food enthusiast wanting to create a definitive list of our top pizzas. With a diverse array of pizzerias sprinkled across the city, each slice tells a unique story of flavors, textures, and cultural influences – so many options to find the best pizza in San Diego. We have everything from the traditional Italian-style pies to avant-garde creations, and small neighborhood shops offering it by the slice. San Diego’s pizza choices are a wonderful maze of delicious options. Join me on this doughlicious journey as I share where to get the best crust, sauce, and toppings and uncover the top contenders in San Diego’s pizza scene.


This James Beard Award-Nominated Pitfire Pizza has just recently opened in San Diego, and clearly, we were excited and waiting. It is not unusual to see a line out of the door of people waiting to try their fermented sourdough pizza crust.  The pizzas are cooked in an imported  Marra Forni oven, and choosing just one will be a challenge. The Honey Bear may be the most popular dish, but I am crazy about the Field Mushroom pizza that has fontina, cremini, enoki, and thyme. Pro tip: get the Meatball appetizer, but order it Level Up (it comes with whipped ricotta, EVOO, and half loaf of their Rustic Boule bread).

best pizza in San Diego


I’ve been impressed with Buona Forchetta’s pizza since they had just one quaint location in South Park. It is a spot that both locals and visitors love. Today they have five locations (with two more set to open this year) and the quality is consistently good.   Their Neapolitan-style pizzas have won multiple world championships, and after one taste, you’ll understand why. I am hoping they will put the Jove Pizza back on the menu (burrata, bresaola, arugula, and Parmigiano Reggiano).  Pro tip: look at the daily special board before ordering as you’ll find inventive dishes being offered. 

best pizza in San Diego


Truth is, there isn’t a pizza on the menu at Pizza Cassette that I haven’t loved. Cooked in a white oak wood-fired oven, it’s so evident how much passion chef Jimmy and his team put into making every dish amazing. On our last visit, their special was a pizza with sweet potato, pecorino, cipollini onion, sage, balsamic, and toasted pine nuts – so good I hope it’ll be available all season. Whether you get a veggie pizza, or The Elvis (arugula and prosciutto), you can taste the quality. Their ingredients are locally sourced, they make all their sauces and always have gluten-free dough and house-made vegan cheese.


Siamo Napoli is an authentic Italian restaurant specializing in Neapolitan Pizza and traditional food from Napoli. Their wood-fired pizzas are the stuff of dreams, with a perfect crust and high-quality toppings.  This Michelin Guide restaurant serves wood oven-fired pizza, as well as house-made pasta and fresh seafood.  Be sure to check with your server about their daily specials – and save room for dessert.  Siamo Napoli is also on my list of the best pasta in San Diego.

best pizza in San Diego


As early as 4:30 PM on a Monday, you are likely to find a line and almost every table at  Best Pizza & Brew taken. Excellent food, fantastic service, and really good pizza and beer deserve the credit for this restaurant’s popularity.  Of course, pizza and beer are the perfect combination. My favorite is the BBQ chicken pizza (BBQ sauce topped with chicken, smoked gouda, red onions, mozzarella & provolone cheese, topped with cilantro).

Pizzerias Around San Diego

Here are some of my other favorite pizza places in San Diego:

Where can I find great pizza in San Diego?

These are just a few gems in the San Diego pizza scene. The city is full of pizzerias just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re into classic Margheritas or adventurous toppings, San Diego’s got you covered!

So pleased that I managed to make this list without getting into the the pineapple topping debate.

Which pizza places ought to be on my list?  You can add your suggestions below.

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