Experimenting with infused vodka

My food obsession is not limited to dining out and cooking, and as of late, it has turned to experimenting with freshly infused vodka.

While some of my earlier experiments yielded some very unsatisfactory results (I remind myself of the pear infused vodka that had absolutely no taste, or the pineapple infused recipe that looked like it had taken on a life of its own), some have been quite tasty (the fresh summer pomegranate infused vodka and melon vodka were very good), however what I have been most excited about, is the Jalapeno Infused Vodka – just enough kick to warrant slow sipping and savoring every moment of it (earlier versions were so strong they required immediate hospitalization).  The recipe is below:

– 1 jalapeno
– quart sized mason jar

– wash/dry the jalapeno, slice open with the seeds intact
– place the jalapeno into the jar
– fill the jar with good quality vodka
– cover tightly with a lid
– shake a few times
– place in a cool/dark area for 7-10 days
– I have tried shaking the jar every few days, but do not feel this makes a difference
– remove the jalapeno (if some of the seeds are left lose at the bottom, that is ok)
– place in the freezer
– consume!

Pictured above are my latest “experiments”
– Mandarin Orange (I will infuse this for 30 days)
– Apple Cinnamon (this should be ready next week)
– Meyer Lemon (in my freezer now waiting for guests to come over)

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