Park Commons Is Open

  • The newest Whisknladle Hospitality Concept in Sorrento Mesa, Park Commons, is opening its doors on November 11. A long time in the works, once open, will be home to:
    • All Food
    • All Spice
    • Best Dressed
    • Dr. J’s
    • El Parque
    • Fricken Burgers
    • Breakfast served from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
    • Cocktail Bar for happy hour food and drinks
    • Coffee Bar

On the week of November 4th, guests were invited to come to try the food for their soft opening, and I will confess that I went three times this week.  On Day 1, I ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich from Fricken Burgers, which was really, really good.  The chicken is crispy and moist inside, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The sweet potato fries were also outstanding.     On Day 2 I tried the Beef Kofta Wrap from All Spice, which was super tasty – the spices in the beef were just spot-on perfect. 

And on Day 3, I hit the mother lode:  The Korean BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich which comes with kimchi spicy glaze, marinated cucumbers & kimchi slaw.  The sandwich is just perfect – a little bit spicy, but with a flavor profile that just nails it.  This is exactly what I will be ordering again next week.

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