STK Steakhouse San Diego Chef’s Tasting Experience

STK Steakhouse San Diego

Please tell me you can relate to this. You go to a restaurant, and find so many items on the menu that you want to order “one of each”. If this is you, I will confess that it is me too. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been to a restaurant and been stuck between choosing between a few dishes. This was absolutely the case when I recently visited STK Steakhouse San Diego.  I have dined here before and enjoyed their brunch and dinner. But this time I tried the chef’s tasting menu looking forward to getting a state of some of their most popular dishes.

Pro tip – go hungry, as all in all, you will be served at least ten dishes.

Each course is paired with a choice of beer, wine, bubbles, or signature cocktail, per person. So you are going to get the best of their dishes, plus three drinks.

Appetizer Course

The first course of your STK Steakhouse San Diego chef’s tasting. It includes three of their most popular appetizers: blue iceberg, tuna tartare, and Lil’ BRGS. There is a very high possibility that you will be full after this round.

The iceberg salad is delicious. It comes with chilled lettuce, and bacon and is beautifully paired with point reyes blue cheese. The tuna tartare is one of my favorite appetizers on the menu. I love the combination of avocado, soy honey emulsion, and taro chips.

But save some room for the wagyu beef with their secret sauce. Technically those are the only dishes that come with the tasting menu – however the chef was eager for me to try the calamari, which also was delivered to our very full table.

Entree Course

The entree course it comes with three dishes: a filet, their miso-glazed Chilean sea bass, and the mushroom and truffle tagliatelle. Guaranteed you are going to be full after this course as these are all full-sized portions. The filet was cooked a perfect medium rare, per my request. Tableside, the filet is torched with their butter until it is melted. I couldn’t wait to cut into the steak.

The sea bass is another of my favorite dishes at STK Steakhouse San Diego -if only I could make it as well at home. Vegetarians will love the tagliatelle with shaved black truffle. It’s also a huge portion.

Your entrees come with three side dishes: Mac and cheese, parmesan truffle fries, and Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Somehow, I managed to find room to enjoy all of them. No way I could choose between just one of them.

Dessert Course

And just when you are ready to claim that you couldn’t eat another bite, your chef’s tasting dessert will arrive. You will get an assortment of different desserts on a platter board.  Ours included chocolate cake, cookies and cheesecake.

Chef’s Tasting at STK Steakhouse San Diego!

That’s it, I’m officially full.

Unlike a chef’s tasting menu at so many restaurants that I have been to, the portions at STK San Diego are generous. They really allow you to taste each dish versus just a small bite of it. I love that the chef puts as much passion into preparing the tasting menu, as every dish that goes out to each table.

Whether you are dining here for a business dinner, with the date or loved one, or just catching up with friends, the decor is high energy, the food is fantastic, and the service is a perfect A+

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