Fruit-infused vodka recipe

Making your own fruit infused vodka with lemons, limes or peaches can easily be made at home with just a few simple steps.

South American lime infused vodka recipe

If you have been following my blog, you’ve seen my obsession (fascination) with creating fresh fruit infused vodkas. So when Nigel gave me these very small South American limes, I knew that this had to be the next flavor to experiment with.  As the pictures show, it is as easy as cutting the limes, adding […]

Experimenting with infused vodka

My food obsession is not limited to dining out and cooking, and as of late, it has turned to experimenting with freshly infused vodka. While some of my earlier experiments yielded some very unsatisfactory results (I remind myself of the pear infused vodka that had absolutely no taste, or the pineapple infused recipe that looked […]