The Best Cocktails With A View In San Diego

cocktails with a view in san diego

Cheers to good sipping in style!  Craft cocktails in San Diego are liquid masterpieces – both visually and with taste.  They are created by bartenders and mixologists with passion, love, and using absurdly fresh local ingredients. To find the best place to enjoy cocktails with a view in San Diego, follow a tipsy seagull to trendy bars, or use my list to discover restaurants that have some of my favorite drinks, and views. 

It's TIME TO find THOSE Great cocktails with a view


You are going to want to go to Cannonball for two reasons – actually three: incredible sushi, a magnificent location right overlooking Mission Beach, and some craft cocktails that will have you sipping happiness, one drink at a time. Just spend five minutes on their patio, and you’ll feel like you are on vacation.

cocktails with a view in san diego


Anyone who creates a list of top cocktails in San Diego and does not include Cutwater Tasting Room in their list is not a local and hasn’t done any research.  Every time I go, I’m torn between sitting at the bar to view their expert mixologists or enjoying their outdoors seating area. 

Cutwater Tasting Room


You will find that cocktails are stirred with style at Avant, a high-end restaurant located in the Rancho Bernardo Inn.   If you can tear yourself away from their stunning view of the resort and lush greenery, just watching them make the Smokin’ Diamonds and French Island cocktails is entertainment enough.



Not only does Cody’s La Jolla have one of the best brunches in town, but they also have a stunning ocean view from their outdoor patio.  It is well worth the wait on the weekend just to get a table, and enjoy good food and drinks.

cocktails with a view in san diego

The Holding COMPANY

I hesitated to put this on my list, but only because if The Holding Company gets any more popular, I’ll never be able to get a table there again.  From the rooftop, enjoy the La La Land cocktail with rum and fresh guava juice – or order a Tower (and an Uber).

The Holding Company

The Marine Room

There’s no restaurant in San Diego that has a better view of La Jolla than The Marine Room.  It’s been featured in so many videos during high tide when the ocean literally batters against the dining room windows.  The view and cocktails are incredible – enjoying some dishes are even better. 

The Marine Room

Tom Ham's Lighthouse

In addition to having some of the best seafood in San Diego, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse also has a 270-degree view of the ocean from its deck.    The signature cocktail is their World Famous Bali Hai Mai Tai – a drink that is so strong, that they limit it to two per person. This would absolutely be the definition of cocktails with a view in San Diego.

cocktails with a view in san diego

Dockside 1953

Dockside 1953 is a new restaurant at the Bahia Resort Hotel.  You will absolutely be distracted from your cocktails and meal by the great views of the bay, Bahia Belle boat and spectacular sunsets from the gorgeous outdoor patio.

Dockside 1953

Ready to find The best cocktails in San Diego?

You are on your way to enjoying some great cocktails with a view in San Diego.  Read my post:  The Best Ramen In San Diego

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