The Best Guacamole In San Diego

Best guacamole in San Diego

The perfect guacamole is a delicious blend of perfectly ripe avocados, finely diced onions, fresh cilantro, and juicy tomatoes. It’s elevated with zesty lime juice, a pinch of salt, and a hint of spicy jalapeños. But not all guacamole tastes the same – and there are so many variations on this incredible appetizer.  

Living in San Diego, we have such great access to fresh avocados, especially with our proximity to Fallbrook, the unofficial “Avocado Capital of the World”.

Here are some restaurants that are serving some of the best guacamole in San Diego.

El Sueño

The dining scene in Old Town was just elevated to new heights with the opening of El Sueño, a new upscale Mexican restaurant and cocktail lounge.  It’s a vibrant tribute to the La Huastecan region by Pietro Busalacchi from Trattoria Don Pietro.

While the menu is filled with delicious appetizers, crudo, and tacos, don’t miss out on their guacamole appetizer – when paired with their freshly made chips, and the four salsas they give you, there couldn’t be a better start to your meal.

Reservation link here.

Best guacamole in San Diego


Sadly the North Park location of Tamarindo has closed, but the Del Mar location serves the same delicious authentic Mexican dishes like tacos, quesadillas, carne asada, and ceviche. 

But don’t let their free chips and salsa distract you from getting a side of their grande guacamole  which has housemade guacamole, serrano, radish, onion, cilantro, queso fresco, and pomegranates. Pro tip – get a margarita to go with it.

Reservation link here.

Tamarindo Del Mar

Puesto La Jolla

Puesto is one on my go-to spots to get fantastic Mexican food in San Diego.  They have a fresh and contemporary take on tacos, with creative cocktails, and an upscale dining environment.  But don’t skip getting an order of guacamole with your dish. They offer a Classic and Puesto Perfect Guac, but my favorite has to be the Nogada.  It adds pomegranates, mango pico de gallo, chile de arbol and candied walnuts. Pro tip – you can order a sampler which gives you a taste of all three.

Puesto La Jolla

La Barca Mexican Seafood

Getting a side order of guacamole and chips at La Barca Mexican Seafood to go with your sizzling fajitas and carne asada tacos ought to be mandatory.  The fresh taste of the avocados, pico de gallo, cilantro and chile serana might having you arguing who gets the last scoop.  But I suspect they will make more for you.

La Barca

El Viejon SEAfood

You won’t find guacamole on the menu at El Viejon Seafood as it’s not on the menu – they do have it, it is just not listed. But you should order it as I think it’s probably one of the most delicious, and generous portions, of guacamole in San Diego. The secret ingredient is without a doubt the freshness of the ingredients – it is literally made to order. El Viejon is located on Convoy Street.

El Viejon

Blue Wave Bar & Grill

For tableside guacamole, I haven’t found a restaurant in San Diego serving a more delicious and unique variation of guacamole than Blue Wave Bar & Grill.  In addition to enjoying it, you get to watch the entire preparation and can adjust the spiciness – and can add additional toppings like crab, strawberry, bacon, fiesta corn mix, or pomegranate seeds.

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