What a Perfect Omakase Looks Like

Last night, I dined at Thai One On for the first tine, and chose seating at the bar over a table so that I could enjoy a 12-course omakase dinner with wine pairings.

The experience of sitting at the bar and watching Chef Aaron prepare all the dishes, was heightened by chefs creativity and personality.   It is very clear how much he enjoys preparing and perfecting every dish – and getting to know him and having him share what he was preparing made the dinner even more enjoyable.   The creativity of the food presented in every plate was stunning and it was hard to not want to take a photo of every dish. I also enjoyed chatting with Tristin who was showing us the items he was preparing for our meal.

The quality of the fish that we tasted was of the highest quality, and owner John proudly shared his experience with sourcing great quality fish, the majority of which comes from outside of the States. I really enjoyed chatting with him about Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world. His passion and knowledge also added to the evening.

The courses:
– Japanese yellowtail with Kikutsuyu 2-year aged soy sauce with dashi
– Norwegian salmon with thinly shaved onions and Bonita shavings
 -House-made potato chip with tempura fried halibut, vinegar, wasabi oil with honey and lime served on Japanese newsprint
– Hawaiian bigeye tuna sashimi with 4-year-old barrel soy sauce
– Chilean sea bass in a dashi broth
– Albacore in Garlic and Serrano chili butter
– Puget Sound clam in ponzu citrus sauce with green onions.
– Spanish mackerel with freshly grated garlic and ponzu sauce
– Toro with soy sauce
– Cold smoked Norwegian salmon with river eel.
– Crab roll
– Ball of chocolate, fried bananas in rice paper, homemade vanilla ice cream with an infused salt

I was looking forward to the meal, but I was certainly not expecting to be served such high-quality sushi or see so much creativity on the plates. I left convinced that I have found a new place that I would be frequenting.   I look forward to returning and trying some of the other items on the menu.

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